Family Business Malaysia

Family Business Malaysia started as a knowledge portal on #familybusiness and #entrepreneurship development in Malaysia. It has now evolved into a community brand and platform for family businesses and family-owned enterprises. Its thought leaders have planned for training and developmental program-mes which shall be implemented beginning July 2018.

Family Business Malaysia looks forward to assist family business owners, their nuclear and extended families and next generation leaders and managers to overcome various types of challenges. We hope to receive full support from the family business and family-owned enterprise community.

Following are our credentials:

STEP research project

  • Since 2009 (qualitative research)
  • July 2013 (quantitative research)

Global Family Enterprise Case Competition

  • FECC 2013, FECC 2014, FECC2015

Family Business Research

  • July 2013 – May 2015 (ERGS : Ministry of Education, Malaysia)
  • Dec 2014 – June 2015 (SME Bank : Women / Family Entrepreneurship)
  • Feb 2017 –  ongoing (Emerging Entrepreneurs with focus on Family Business)

Family Business programs and consultancy

  • Developed teaching cases & case studies
  • Conducted family business workshops / seminars
  • Conducted family business consultancy
  • STEP Global Booklet 2010, STEP Global Booklet 2014,

   Book chapters Edward Elgar 2014/15

  • Access to world class Family Business scholars and practitioners (through our

STEP network & leaders at UVM / Babson College / Jonkoping / ESADE /Lancaster U. / FFI, FERC, IFERA, etc