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PCsquared is one of the local contractors involved in waste management, landscaping, cleaning and pest control services to assist in maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for city dwellers in Kuala Lumpur. The founder, Armin Hadi founded PCsquared in 1995 with his wife, Frida Zain. The co-founders were Armin’s brother, Azri, together with the family’s closest friend, Nathan Peters, and Shahril Elias, a well to do entrepreneur who wanted to invest in the company. Over the years, the business had engaged a selection of experienced executives to manage the business, including Nathan, who, after 8 years of working with Armin had helped to enlist Rushdi Ahmad in replacing himself in 2003 because he decided to strike out on his own by setting up a business in the same industry. Rushdi was a former colleague of Armin and Nathan, when they all were working at UDA Holdings Berhad, a privatized government agency.

Armin passed away in July 2013 due to complications from a bariatric surgery, just a month after Belle graduated with a Bachelor of Business Management degree with honours and majored in Entrepreneurship from Universiti Tun Abdul Razak (UNIRAZAK). At the age of 24 years old, Belle stepped up and undertook the responsibility of working with the family business. However, Rushdi insisted on replacing Armin’s position as Managing Director during the Extraordinary General Meeting, arguing that he is the right person to lead as he had the knowledge of the industry and had been working alongside Armin in the company’s top management in the past decade. Belle and her family decided not to be confrontational with Rushdi and agreed with his decision.

Belle is now put to the challenged to prove that she is capable and worthy of the responsibilities that she had assumed upon herself. She had taken the initiative to learn as much as she possibly could, and going down to the ground, with “her men” to clean up the city. She had also proposed ways to improve not just the operations of the business, but also the working condition of “her men”.
Belle’s mother, although seemingly silent about Rushdi’s aggressive actions, she does believe that her late husband had wanted Belle to protect the business for the good of the family and the business, and taking care of the employees. Belle and her mother, Frida Zain, the company’s combined majority shareholder, are concerned about retaining the company under the family control, more so when her father’s closest friend and former partner, Nathan, discloses that Rushdi has doubts about Belle and her family’s capability in running the company, and is thinking of having the company run by professionals. However, Belle’s affection for her family, her patience, her caring nature, coupled with her strive for success and determination, are felt not just by her immediate family members, but also her employees.

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